Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fist Fight

The war rages on... actually it's kind of just a bit of a fist fight at the moment. I think in order to keep my sanity about the entire thing Kevin and I will not log onto the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash site until the end of the night. The constant up and down of that tiny red or green heart is bound to cause an abnormal amount of pressure in ones cranium.

But we thought in the mean time you'd all like a little something new from the both of us. So check this out. If team Kevki wins the Carlsberg $100,000 wedding we will have some VERY special wedding crashers:

That's right! That is John-Angus MacDonald of the Trews! Kevin and I love all things Canadian, but we especially love Canadian music! And if these east coast boys show up, this wedding promises to be fanfriggintastic! And if for whatever reason you are not a fan of Canadian music I'm sure we'll find something to tantalize your senses.

What the heck are you all waiting for?! Go vote~ Kevki

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