Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lack of Content

Well I hate to say it my lovely people but this blog, hence forth shall be drastically lacking in content. Of course I shall be updating you on the Kevki front and our accomplishments in the on going battle to tie the knot, BUT right now things are a little up in the air. At this point in we're looking at destination weddings but have yet to hammer down a date, place, or even theme... so until then I have very little to report. Of course the two of us are all too welcome to any suggestions so suggest away! In the mean time you may find entertainment in another blog of mine. I notice some of you have already been creeping around there. Random Lustings is a blog about my many obsessions of all things creative and beautiful and of course you'll stumble across a creation or two of my own. Maybe I'll see you there?

Kevin gives his love,



Monday, September 6, 2010

The Truth

Do you want to know the truth? The truth is, all though a lot of you have been sending us messages of encouragement and sympathy, the truth is losing this competition was in the end the best thing that could have happened to the three of us.

The truth is that after meeting with the lovely Carlsberg panel and going over the details of the $100,000 prize wedding that we had been working ourselves to the bone for, in the end wasn't designed for Kevin and I.

The truth is the day Kevin and I went to meet the panel to discuss the possibility of being one of the top picks of the competition we almost walked out without signing the agreement forms. Our bubble had been deflated. There were so many details about the wedding that spoke against what we as a couple believe a great wedding to be. But most important of all, we were told that there was a large possibility that Jackson would not be allowed to be party of our special day together. And of course as you may have guessed that was a firm deal breaker. The whole purpose of us getting married at all is the profound and noble gesture of completing and officializing our family. But if we can't do that as a family, as far as we were concerned, it was a moot point and not worth all the money in the world.

We were assured that Carlsberg would try to accommodate Jackson into the ceremony if we won the competition. And we told them that we could over look certain details of the wedding if Jackson could be part of it. Because after all, we really just want to get married, but if Jackson couldn't be there with us that day they should consider us "out".

The truth is that after that day, regardless of how the panel reassured us that they would do their best to accommodate the winning couple, our hearts were no longer in it. We were not ready to bow down and lose just yet but we were definitely not prepared to fight for it any longer either. So as a result in the last week our efforts to fight dwindled drastically.

Winning would have been amazing just the same. But what we came out with instead was something far more amazing then we ever imagined possible. The network of friends that we gained let alone the passion and encouragement from around the globe from friends, to complete strangers was not only encouraging but also completely humbling. That alone was mind blowing and worth all the effort. We thank you so kindly for all your hard work and campaigning on our behalf. We never would have gotten as far as we did without all of you! We were 1% away from winning a $100,000 wedding! 1%! So close. But we can honestly say that the team who wanted it the most is the team that will be locking lips with Carlsberg on October 1st! and we will be in the crowd cheering them on.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We're getting down to the wire now. Kevki is down by 2%. I feel a tightness in my chest. Every time Kevin tries to talk to me about it I have to walk out of the room. I can't handle the tension. I should be able to breath right now right? Kevin is on the phone every 2 seconds talking to someone, who was talking to someone, who was texting someone to get votes up. It's getting insane. Everyone say a prayer to "the beer god that is Carlsberg", and when you're done doing that get your entire family, all of their friends, your neighbours and their dogs to VOTE! Before I have a mild coronary and Kevin has a aneurysm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vote For Kevki or ELSE!

We've been really sweet and nice so far about recruiting members for the Army Of Kevki and, yes, so far it's worked in our favour. But we thought that maybe we should change it up a bit and put a little kick in your pants. Are your frightened? You should be. This is the amazing and talented Tonya Verbeek, the bronze and silver Olympic medalist of the Canadian Women's Wrestling team. And if you don't vote for Kevki, she'll give you a nasty nuggie! Er... no, no, no... she'll tear your cranium away from your shoulders! ARRRRRRRRRrrr! Ya, that's it. Scared now?

Check out the whole photo shoot here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fist Fight

The war rages on... actually it's kind of just a bit of a fist fight at the moment. I think in order to keep my sanity about the entire thing Kevin and I will not log onto the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash site until the end of the night. The constant up and down of that tiny red or green heart is bound to cause an abnormal amount of pressure in ones cranium.

But we thought in the mean time you'd all like a little something new from the both of us. So check this out. If team Kevki wins the Carlsberg $100,000 wedding we will have some VERY special wedding crashers:

That's right! That is John-Angus MacDonald of the Trews! Kevin and I love all things Canadian, but we especially love Canadian music! And if these east coast boys show up, this wedding promises to be fanfriggintastic! And if for whatever reason you are not a fan of Canadian music I'm sure we'll find something to tantalize your senses.

What the heck are you all waiting for?! Go vote~ Kevki


IT'S GO TIME TROOPS! RALLY UP SOLDIERS! WE'RE GOING TO BATTLE! Some of you may not make it out alive, some of you may be maimed or tortured and others may not sleep or eat for days on end but if THAT is what it takes to reign supreme that that is what we will endure! Now GO GO GO!

Love you all!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Radio Gaga

This morning started bright and early at 6:00 AM and somehow we managed to get ourselves to the studio and on the air without stuttering or drooling. This is the full interview with Shiona Thompson and Bob Batina of AM900 CHML and Team Kevki.