Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We're getting down to the wire now. Kevki is down by 2%. I feel a tightness in my chest. Every time Kevin tries to talk to me about it I have to walk out of the room. I can't handle the tension. I should be able to breath right now right? Kevin is on the phone every 2 seconds talking to someone, who was talking to someone, who was texting someone to get votes up. It's getting insane. Everyone say a prayer to "the beer god that is Carlsberg", and when you're done doing that get your entire family, all of their friends, your neighbours and their dogs to VOTE! Before I have a mild coronary and Kevin has a aneurysm.


  1. WOW - too bad y'all lost it in the final stretch. Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Tis better to have come so close, than not to have come at all? A Heartbreaker! But all is well. All is well in the world, if Jackson is doing well. And I take it that he is? Now run away, run away and elope – perhaps a day at Niagara Falls, and then come home and announce – “We just got married!” Maybe take out a little bag of rice and throw some of it in the air. I don’t know?

    But what I do know is this: Your family and friends will feel so relieved and be so happy for you, they will probably shower you with hundred dollar bills. Beauty – hopefully enough of them for a down payment on a house, or at the very least, a down payment on a white picket fence and a gate – the house can wait.

    You did all right, Kevin. Your wife (to be) is mysteriously beautiful and you don’t find many women like that today. Do your best for her and take care of your son, and everything else will fall in its place. Money is important, and while is does not talk, it seems to be everywhere and in your face. Everywhere we turn, everything we touch, seems to involve money. And then of course there’s the child’s education fund!

    Life is stressful, and more, and more, and more, it’s all about money. Enjoy that next walk in the woods with your wife and son at your side and remember that it is priceless. Work hard, try to be fair, but remember that almost everything you do, involves money – so unfortunately, the name of the game is “Get the Other Guy’s Money!”

    Good going TEAM KEVKI, you two almost scored 100 G’s from Overseas, from Carlsberg was it? What are the chances of that EVER happening again? Slim to none, I’d say!

    So I think it’s time for y’all to announce that you’re coming home, you’re witching back to “Canadian” and to hell with the Norwegians. LOL – “I’ll drink to that!”

    Your Good Friend,
    Tommy Discool

  2. This is for you Kim.

    When Jackson is snug in his bed and has fallen asleep, it is time to light a candle, open a bottle of wine with Kevin, while you sit back and LISTEN to Daniel Lanois. This, and this alone, will bring everything back into perspective – and y’all can relax again.

    It is over. Let tomorrow begin...and again and again.

    Tommy D____
    Professor of Smozology


  3. Wow, Mr. D, Kevin and I are sitting here filled with awe from your very thoughtful and kind comment. You are so very, very right about it all. This competition taught us something very important. No matter how much money someone is willing to throw at you if you don't have control over how it is used to represent you then it doesn't matter if it's $10 or $100,000 it's just not worth it in the end. So now instead of a circus media fest of a so called wedding, we will have a beautiful, quaint, hand made wedding with our son. And this time NO one will tell us that unless he's 19 he can't be a part of it and we wont' have to tell them to stuff it. ;) Like I told Kevin the other day, I would marry him tomorrow in an apple orchard, just him, Jackson and myself and it would be the most perfect of all days. SO thank you for your words of wisdom, and thank you for following us through this exhausting and fruitful lesson. xxo