Monday, August 9, 2010


DUDES! I haven't posted anything for a little while! You must miss me terribly! I am most terribly sorry for my absence! I know you missed me, lets not be modest here. This is one spot where you can just tell it like it is and not worry about being judged. Well not that anyone will admit anyway.

Ok so you must be wondering what is going on! Well, looks like we are still the most popular as far as public votes go. But don't kid yourselves folks, that doesn't guarantee anything. If Team Youbumchum in 50th place has very few votes but has pimped themselves raw for Carlsberg they could make the top 3! No, I shit you not. Which means Team Kevki has to take it up a notch! OH AND DON'T YOU WORRY your pretty little arses. We've got plenty of stunts up our sleeves. However we will not be foreclosing those details here. Let's not be naive about this folks. All the contenders are spying on each other, looking for ideas, motivation or just outright copying each other. This is a competition after all and from what I can tell there are no refs to rule out foul play. So our stunts shall remain under lock and key until I post the photo evidence here for all to witness.

If you'd like to help us out you are invited to join us this Saturday August the 14th in Hess Village to promote Team Kevki. Let me know if you'd like a team Jersey!


You know I love you!

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