Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Victims of Love

I don't think we have ever harassed so many people all at once and for such a consistent amount of time! We're trying to be stimulating and yet not irritating. It's becoming more and more apparent that there is a very fine line between both. So who am I harassing now besides all of you?

BT! I love you. All of you. I am most definitely NOT what anyone would call a morning person and Breakfast Television puts me in a cheery state of mind first thing in the morning. I only wish you were on at 5:30 AM when my son decides it's time to wake up.

I have a request. I'm not sure if it's possible on your end but I have to give it a shot because it's very important to my fiance and I.

We want to get married! and of course there are SO many complications that come with such an adventure. Big family, small wallet. Too many feet to step on. Have a destination wedding.... too many people of importance can't come. City Hall? Over Mom's dead body... so what?! Well here it goes! My fiance Kevin, and I, have entered a contest. If we win this contest we will get a $100,000 wedding this coming October 1st. The contest is the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash. So far we are in first place in terms of votes but votes are only worth 20% of the win. We also need to convince the Carlsberg Panel that we are worthy of this prize. Which means we have to get ourselves noticed by the public and get Carlsberg as much exposure as possible while proving our undying love for one another and Carlsberg Beer. We really want to get married this October! So could you PLEASE help us? In the very least could you vote for us and at the most could you tell all your viewers to vote?!

Thank you for anything you can do for us.

Your fans,

Kim and Kevin. AKA Team Kevki

So there you have it. Our latest victims. Maybe if you all write to them and let them know how kick ass we are they will look upon us with a deep seeded need to help us. Yes?

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  1. Awesome! I love BT! I hope they help you out!