Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lack of Content

Well I hate to say it my lovely people but this blog, hence forth shall be drastically lacking in content. Of course I shall be updating you on the Kevki front and our accomplishments in the on going battle to tie the knot, BUT right now things are a little up in the air. At this point in we're looking at destination weddings but have yet to hammer down a date, place, or even theme... so until then I have very little to report. Of course the two of us are all too welcome to any suggestions so suggest away! In the mean time you may find entertainment in another blog of mine. I notice some of you have already been creeping around there. Random Lustings is a blog about my many obsessions of all things creative and beautiful and of course you'll stumble across a creation or two of my own. Maybe I'll see you there?

Kevin gives his love,