Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash

This blog has just been created for one purpose and one purpose only, to get Carlsberg Brewing Co. to throw Kevin and Kim, power name Kevki, a wedding bash that only Carlsberg can. So how, you may ask, are we supposed to do that? Well my friends I'd be only too happy to tell you.

You see, Carlsberg is holding a contest called the Big Wedding Bash. The couple with the most votes and impresses the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash panel, wins a $100,000. wedding to be held in Toronto at the Capitol Event Theater on October 1st, 2010. But of course there is a bit of a twist. Of course there is a twist, it is after all a beer company throwing this bash. So at the end of the night everyone and anyone is invited to crash the wedding. So it is to be a major celebration.

Kevin and I have until August 2oth to get as many votes as possible and prove to the Big Bash panel that we're the awesomest couple and that to NOT choose us would cause great upset and devastations galore! After that we start all over again with more public votes! So it is to be a popularity contest. Hence the blog.

So here we go...

Vote for us and we'll put you in our wedding party. Actually I'm lying. They'll only accommodate a wedding party of 8 people. But you can take pride in knowing you did a good deed. After all, I've been waiting to get married for 3 years and counting now...

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