Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Something Something...

So I thought ya'll might like to know a little something about us. I figure if you know us a little better you'd be more inclined to help us win the Big Wedding Bash that Carlsberg is hosting. Mighty manipulative of me I know, but it'll only hurt you a little bit.

So I think it obvious that I couldn't possibly start from the very beginning as there just isn't enough time in a day. So I think it best to start some where in the middle.

Kevin and I were introduced to one another by our dear friend Lisa. He was 21. I was 28. However at the time neither of us were interested in being introduced to one another. You see there was just too much of an age difference between us. What was the point in meeting when nothing would come of it in the end? But Lisa saw something that Kevin and I did not, so she persisted.

Eventually I became part of Lisa's band of merry friends, Kevin of whom was one of them. So naturally he and I became acquainted with each other over a period of months. I wouldn't say we were friends though. He and I would have small talk here and there but mostly we liked to pick on each other. I loved to watch him though. I thought he was beautiful to look at. I even found myself missing his presence when we were all out together and he was absent.

One night while we were all out at an
Irish pub watching a cover band and drinking Carlsberg, he invited me to join him on a fancy red couch he had been occupying by himself. I sat next to him for the remainder of the evening while we analyzed the couples surrounding us. We would make up stories of how they had met, what they did for a living, and if they would stay together or break up in a fit of jealousy. Shortly after that evening he started to come by to visit me from time to time. We would sit in the living room of my 3rd story apartment and talk all night while sipping on red wine and listening to music. It was almost instant how we became the best of friends.

One cold winters night after one of our many long conversations I fell asleep beside him. While drifting off into a deep slumber I mumbled the words "I love you." Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! My own words had startled me awake and I cringed at the thought that he may have heard them. Hoping he had also drifted to sleep and not heard my confession I waited, barely breathing, in silence pretending to still be asleep. Much to my embarrassment I realized he was awake as he shifted his weight back and forth in his spot. Too afraid to move I eventually drifted off to sleep again. But he later told me that that was when he realized he loved me too. From that day forth we were inseparable. He was always so good to me back then. He would pick me up from work and have a warm plate of food waiting for me on my seat. He would wash my laundry for me although when he mixed my whites with the darks and discoloured my favourite shirts, I'd have a mild seizure. I came home from work one day and he had repainted my entire apartment. I adored him completely.

I've been in love once before I met Kevin but never have I ever loved someone so completely that I could change all the negative things about me in order to be a better person for him. Don't kid yourself though. Change is brutally tedious and I'm certain I aged 2 years just from the stress of trying. I had to learn how to say things like "you might be right", " I don't know", and "please". I may have also given myself an
ulcer trying to smile and be tolerable in the mornings. I've never been much of a morning person, but I love him that much.

I can't speak for Kevin... or I shouldn't, but he's fast asleep on the couch so it only makes sense that I tell his side of the story. Right. Well he adores me! The sun rises and sets around me. Women ceased to exist once he met me... hahahaha right. Although I think he must adore me. He puts up with testy morning me, and cranky I'm running on 4 hours sleep because, of our 9 month old son, me. And he even humours the, I know everything, me. Not to mention how many times after our son was born, he told the 55 lb heavier version of me how beautiful I was. So even though I likely shouldn't speak for him, I think it fairly safe to say I'm adored.

So now you know a little bit about us and we want to get married. So will you help us?

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