Monday, August 16, 2010

It's All in Who you Know

Connections, connections, connections! I can't lie, it's really nice knowing the right people. It just so happens that the right people, or person in this case is my future sister in law. That's right, my sister in law to be just so happens to have a career in Personal Relations and well, she's connected. So what did the sister in law do for her brother and I? Well not much really, just a little PRESS RELEASE that was sent to every local media, encompassing print, broadcast and online media sources. That's all. Nothing major. Ha ha ha! I love it! Thank you ANN!

And guess what!? Mountain News, Cable 14 and CHCH TV and radio station Y108 have responded with interest.

So if you want to help give them a little bit of a shove feel free to write them and let them know that team Kevki needs their help. How amazing would it be to have our home town backing us up and taking part in helping to create our Happily Ever After!?


  1. Happy to help, Kim. Today Hamilton, tomorrow...Carlsberg and Team Kevki take over the world! :) Go Go Go!

    P.S. did you get my e-mail about the radio spot? Let me know what date will work this week for you guys. Also, it's Public Relations (PR) but no worries! hee hee

  2. First of all this is probably the best web site I've ever seen. Second of all I'm probably going to vote for Kevki (ALREADY DID!!!) and they are probably going to win this competition (they definitely deserve it!!!)

    I am probably enjoying a Carlsberg because of this competition.....most definitely......