Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is getting insane. My head is likely about to implode. I'm not a competitive person! I don't know where I am getting the energy and the drive to do this. Would you believe me if I told you I spend at least 6 hours a day on the computer promoting the hell out of this competition and Kevki not to mention the other 2-4 hours spent on painting lawns, cars, posters, and just running around.

There are moments when I have to stop myself and think " did I eat today? Was I wearing this t-shirt when I went to bed last night?" Poor Jackson just crawls around my desk chair bringing me objects he locates on the ground that he finds exhilarating. There are days when I start to lose my head over how much time is being taken away from him for this endeavour. And then I watch him playing contently with my paintbrushes as he rams them into the floor register and giggles to himself and realize he's become very self sufficient rather then clingy like he once was and that is a great thing. He makes sure that I take a break every 10 minutes for some - chase the dog with a paintbrush time, of course.

I get lovely e-mail pep talks from Kevin after he's come home from a long day at work. And then there are the super fans like Crystal, Tami, and Jylian who harass every poor sap they know and DON'T know in order to get Team Kevki more support. They motivate the exhaustion out of me! If they can spend hours a day campaigning for us without the promise of a prize at the end then I sure as HELL can run myself into the ground for this worthy goal. And then there are of course all the other dedicated and loyal friends and supporters. This whole thing has blown my mind. There are so many people out there that have been solid from day one working on keeping us at #1. Complete strangers e-mail me to tell me the promotional ideas they have for us and what they have been doing to keep us on top. The comradely that has come out of this is worth it alone. That all being said I'm sure you all would like to know what we have been up to. Well... take a look:

We met up with Mike Tyler of 97.7 HTZ-FM to talk about the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash!

Linda Rourke of Cable 14 Hamilton Life did a short interview with us for the What's UP Hamilton show which will be followed up with a spot on the Hamilton Life program. The What's up spot will show sporadically through out the day from Wednesday until Friday and again Next week. We'll let you know when we get the clip up for your viewing pleasure.

Shiona Thompson of AM900 CHML and the Morning Distraction has asked us to come in for 8:00 Friday morning to talk about our adventures in the contest thus far. We will of course post that interview as well when it becomes available to us.

We painted our car, will be painting the van, as well as friends vehicles.

There are now adds for our possible wedding in Kijiji and we have two videos of Team Kevki being hosted on the front web page of and SO much more but I'm tired. And I need a nap now.

Love you all!

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