Friday, July 30, 2010

If We Win The Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash

Things We Will Do With All The Money We Will Save:

1. Buy a bigger house so when we commence with Operation Family Expansion, the baby will not have to sleep under the kitchen sink.

2. Stock up on Carlsberg because the cheap beer really sucks.

3. Hire a nanny to drag on our honey moon with us so we can whoop it up like only honeymooners can, rather then constantly be wondering how our baby boy is back home. Do they have Carlsberg in Tahiti?

4. Buy a bigger family sized vehicle so that we don't have to leave the babies at home with the dog in order to fit a case of Carlsberg in the car. Awe, just kidding. We wouldn't leave the kids with just the dog. No, no, the cat will be there too.

5. Hire some poor schmuck to write out 748 thank you cards because, that's how many people will show up to our wedding. Give or take a few.

6. To be continued...


  1. I can't wait to see what the "To be continued" will have.

    I think you and Kevin need to win this. I don't think you should get married at City Hall, that isn't a fantastic story for Jackson. However having a Carlsberg wedding would be quite the adventure and the stories would be wonderful for your children! I can see it now....Kevin in a kilt, you in a nice white dress, the cans behind your car to be carlsberg (I bet they sound the best regardless), a reception that is just breath taking, of course the centerpieces are Carlsberg bottles with flowers sticking out of them, and every bottle of Carlsberg has a hint of water dripping down the side........doesn't get any better than that!!!! I would turn it into a commercial for sure!

    Good luck and I'm crashing it for sure!

  2. AH! I love it! What a beautiful picture! The bridal party will be wearing Carlsberg Green and we'll lay Carlsberg bottles on the ground and the Jarvis's can do the Sword Dance over them while everyone dances around them hollering with excitement, whilst holding a Carlsberg in hand! OH my god It's going to be Amazing!

  3. LOL....I love it. The funny part was that I was going to offer to come out of retirement for your wedding if you won......but to be honest I would be afraid of breaking my hip! However i will offer to hold your Carlsberg Beer bottle while you go pee at your wedding! I think this is better for everyone!