Friday, July 30, 2010

Reason's Why Kevki Should Win The Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash

Reason # 1

Get Kevin Out of The Dog House

You see, Kim has been waiting to get married for just over 3 years now. Kevin keeps telling her it's going to happen. In fact he each time he tells her it's going to happen he follows it up with the word "soon". From what Kim can gather Kevin's version of soon differs greatly from her own.

The last time Kim asked "when?" Kevin promptly responded with "the ring is being made" That was a year ago. It would seem that this ring is being created completely from scratch and mining for the stone has not gone to plan. Kim is fairly certain that the mine must have collapsed and all of Kevin's mining efforts to find the perfect stone, a shiny blue sapphire, have been temporarily side tracked due to the rescue efforts of the minors, as well as the reconstruction of the mining site. What else could the hold up be?

The time before that Kim decided rather then wait for Kevin she would cleverly coax him into picking up the pace. She decided to send him a wedding invitation to their wedding that was to commence in 10 months, the first weekend in October to be exact. She would pick out the day, the decorations, the minister, do all the leg work and all he had to do was show up. What was the hard part? The hard part it would seem is that Kevin didn't find that very romantic, and as you may have cleverly guessed it did not come to pass.

As it turns out, Kevin has had a few too many follies and blunders in his attempts to be romantic and create the perfect situation in which he believes Kim deserves. Of course he refuses to tell her what these mishaps are until he's able to pull it off. What he doesn't seem to understand is that at this point in the game she would joyously say YES if he proposed to her while she was on the can.

Then the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash was brought to their attention and all previous desires for a formal and romantic proposal flew out the window. It's full steam ahead now. This wedding IS their wedding. And if they manage to pull it off Kevin will most definitely be out of the "dog house".

If you'd like to help get Kevin out of the dog house then please be so inclined to drop by the Carlsberg Big Wedding Bash and vote for Kevki!

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  1. The picture is hilarious, and Kevin really would look great in a kilt!! You two are so witty I love it.